Website Deployment Plan | BIT Policy

The steps below allow us at BIT to assist agencies to establish a website and track the progress from start to finish.


#1 Questionnaire


1) Who are the central contact persons?

2) Who will you designate to maintain site content after completion?

– They will get admin login.

3) Can you dedicate 7 Business Days to get to PHASE 2 (described below) of development?

4) What features are MUST-HAVE’s?


#2 Develop Website


PHASE 0 – Establish a Basic Presence ASAP [PARTIAL AGENCY INPUT REQUIRED] – Duration: 24-48hrs

– Configure Azure Server Platform

– Configure Backup Protocols

– Enable SSL Security

– Install WordPress

– Install Initial Plugins:

– Security Plugin

– Coming Soon Plugin

– Get a Theme:

Step 1: Browse Themes: [AGENCY INPUT REQUIRED] 2-3hrs

– Free Themes:

– Paid Themes:

– If using a paid theme:

– Step 1: Supply the total cost of the theme to BIT.

– Step 2: BIT will purchase the paid theme; Allowing BIT to immediately download the latest version of the theme for future upgrades/updates over time.

Step 2: Install Theme

PHASE 1 – Initial Content [AGENCY INPUT/CONTENT REQUIRED] – Duration: 24hrs

– Agency Logo

– Director/Commissioner Photo

– Director/Commissioner Message

– About Agency / Mission Statement

– Contact Information (for all locations):

– Hours of Operation

– Office Email

– Designated Person(s) who will manage correspondence from the Office Email address.

– Phone Number(s)

– Department Directory & Extensions

PHASE 2 – Main Content [AGENCY INPUT/CONTENT REQUIRED] – Duration: 5-7 Business Days

– 3-5 Recent Blog Posts (i.e. Newsletters, Press Releases)

– Urgent Content (i.e. Compliance content, Budget, etc. to prioritize)

– General Content (i.e. Services, Functions of internal departments, etc.)

– Org Chart (Name, Job Titles, where they are located in the organization from the top down (this can be a hand drawing, it doesn’t have to be perfect but readable)

– Downloadables (i.e. PDF Forms)

– Staff Directory Listing (Names, Job Titles, Phone # and/or Extensions, designated island)

PHASE 3 Final [AGENCY INPUT/CONTENT REQUIRED] – Duration: 2-14days

– Research Advanced/Paid 3rd Party Services (i.e. fillable forms, eCommerce, scheduling, etc.)

– Demo 3rd Party Solutions (to determine best-fit solutions)

– Schedule Implementation for chosen 3rd Party Services

– Deploy 3rd Party Solutions

PHASE 4 – Agency Reviews Completed Website – Duration: 24-48hrs